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TM Beauty Design was founded by Thanna Mattioli, a passionate enthusiast of colors and forms since childhood. With over 20 years of experience, she specializes in Trichology and Colorimetry. Thanna's journey began with cutting and painting dolls, leading to a career in beauty. She offers personalized consultations to achieve dream hair with her unique "by Thanna Mattioli" signature. Our studio in San Mateo, CA, provides a friendly environment, empowering self-esteem and building long-term client relationships. At TM Beauty Design, you are more than a client; you are a friend, because beauty is your essence.

Personalized Beauty

Experience unique and customized beauty services tailored just for you.

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from over 20 years of professional experience in hair and beauty.

Empowerment Through Beauty

Boost your self-esteem with services that enhance your natural beauty.

Our greatest gift is taking care of our customers and make them feel even more beautiful, self-confident and happy

Menu Service

Eyebrow and Facial Waxing Services

Eyebrows design $40
Eyebrows color $20
Upper lip $20
Upper lip Complete $40
Full waxing face $80

Eyebrow and Facial Treatments

Eyebrows design $40
Eyebrows color $20
Upper lip $20
Upper lip Complete $40
Full waxing face $80

Haircut Services

Hair cut deluxe $100
Hair cut simple $70
Hair cut girls $60
Hair cut boys $55
Hair cut bangs $35
Special shampoo with massage $30

Hair Plastic and Coloring Services

Hair plastic front contour $40
Hair plastic retouching $220
Hair plastic short hair $100
Hair plastic short hair $100
Color application $60
Color retouching $90

Product Application, Treatments, Highlights, Styling, and Finishing: Prices are quoted after consultation. For single hair processes, there is a charge starting from $10.00 for drying and styling.

Our Clients Say

Jennifer Paiva

Thannaaaaaaaa você é maravilhosa!!! Cabeleireira igual você não tem! Conheço a Thanna faz tempo, corto meu cabelo e hidrato todas as vezes, inclusive Thanna fez o meu cabelo no meu casamento! Num dia tão especial escolhi a pessoa perfeita que deu o seu toque profissional no meu cabelo no dia mais importante da minha vida. Uma profissional que sabe bem o que faz e faz com excelência! ❤

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Debora Santos

Thanna, you did a great job with Evinha’s haircut. The photos from her 5th birthday celebration were beautiful! And I’m super grateful for the process of rebuilding my hair. You restored my self-esteem and my hair back!

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Anna Harrold

O que eu me pergunto sempre que vou ao TM Beauty é: Como eu e meu cabelo sobrevivemos há quase 4 anos sem os cuidados desse time maravilhoso?! Thanna é uma artista em tudo que faz, uma profissional de excelência e ter meu cabelo cuidado por Ela é uma perfeição. Obrigada por transformar meu cabelo e minha autoestima. Gratidão!

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Anna Harrold

Thanna has been taking care of my hair for the past 5 years, and it’s never looked better. It’s twice as long as it used to be, it’s healthy and moisturized, and I’m no longer afraid to try new styles. I get regular keratin treatments and color, and I absolutely love the results. I’m so thankful for Thanna’s expertise and care.

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Anna Harrold

I cannot recommend Thanna Mattioli highly enough! She is an exceptional hairdresser who truly excels in every aspect of her profession. Thanna’s professionalism is evident from the moment you step into her salon. She greets you with a warm smile and a positive attitude that instantly puts you at ease. Her genuine care for her clients is unparalleled, and it’s clear that she is always looking for the best ways to enhance her clients’ self-esteem and bring out their true beauty.
 the one to see.

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Sarah O

She is the best!!! My hair has never felt so healthy. She is amazing with hair, but also the vibe there is full of life! Sometimes I just want to go over and listen to great music!

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Monica Hartwell

Hi my name’s Monica Hartwell. I’ve been having the pleasure to have Thanna Mattioli as my hairdresser for the last two years. I get my hair done every three weeks and I look forward every time. Thanna has an amazing energy, no matter how she feels, or what she’s going through at that moment. She’s always smiling…
He’s pretty much on time, and if she’s not, I don’t mind waiting at all, because I know I’ll look great and feel amazing when I leave that place.

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Sophia Teixeira

I have been with thanna for a long time! She has always been the best hairstylist, friend, and free therapist! She has been there through most of my chapters in life. From highschool to now.. motherhood. She has always taken care of me! She always puts my hair first and will tell me if something will look good or not, will be damaged or not. I never trust anyone else with my hair and until the day I’m gone she’s doing my hair!

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This is why you need Thanna's expert touch.

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